5 axis/5 axis machining center/3 axis

Roll Back's "machining technology"

DMG 5 axis machining center + palette changer.

Roll Back has the latest “DMG simultaneous 5 axis machining center” and "palette changer". We can realize high accuracy, short delivery time and good performance considering the cost.

※We may recommend 3 axes machining in some cases.

DMG simultaneous 5 axis machining center

1.Reduction machining time for short delivery time and improvement for surface roughness.

It may be impossible to product by 3 axes machining because L/D of tool is too long as shown in the figure. In the case of simultaneous 5 axis machining, it is possible to product with short L/D of tool, inclining work piece as shown in the figure. And cutting speed can be faster than 3 axis machining and get high accuracy. Tool rigidity also would be higher and surface roughness would be better. It is high speed and accurate machining.

5 axis machining center

2.We conduct one chucking and undercut machining.

Tool installation error during process would be zero so it would be very accurate. It's possible to product the part which can't be produced by 3 axes machining, if we hire simultaneous 5 axis machining center. Recently 5 axis machining can be good performance considering the cost.

3. 今、5軸はコストパフォーマンスが高くなっています

The skill of operator was low, so they need long time for machining. But in Roll Back, skilled engineer would operate simultaneous 5-axis machining center, so we have realized short delivery time, high quality, the best performance considering the cost.

Machining case study by simultaneous 5-axis machining center

Car steering