Flow for delivery

To customers who considers inquiry or order.

After calling, we'll visit and arrange the meeting. A procedure is as follows.

  • 1. Please inform us quantity and request price by email, fax or mailing.
  • 2. We will consider about your information.
  • 3. Please send us inquiry request and drawings.
  • 4. We will inform you inquiry by email or fax.

※We have many inquiry so please understand that we conduct like this for new customers. We will have meeting or call to confirm unclear or detail points. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

About payment.

For new customers, we will talk with you about payment term.

  • 1. Payment term according to your term
  • 2. Collection on delivery

Feel free to contact us, if you can not accept. ( In cases of large amount)


About order.

After confirming the contents of our inquiry, please send us your order by email or fax. We do not have particular order format.

  • Order product name
  • Order quantity
  • Hope of delivery
  • Company name
  • Adress
  • ZipCode
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number

About delivery.

We also support the export to overseas .

  • Because there can be no country exports in circumstances such as laws and regulations , First of all, please contact us