Equipment list

Equipment list by ROLL BACK

5 axis machining center[ 5AXIS ]

DMC 65 monoBLOCK

Maximum work piece size can load ; ø630mm *500mm

RS3 Pallet changer

Maximum work piece size can load ; ø630mm *500mm

Large machining center

(Maximum work piece size can machine : 600mm*1,000mm)

Machining center

(Maximum work piece size can machine : 600mm*600mm)

Blasting Machine

(Maximum work piece size can machine : 400mm*500mm)



・Elevator panel・Casting machine・Thermostatic machine・Carving machine


・3 -dimensional measuring instrument・Milling machine・Microscope・Drilling machine


List of inspection measurement apparatuses

Machine nameFunction
MItsutoyoWorkable size
Image measurement equipment
Quick scope
Drive systemCNC
Measurement range
Measurement unit
Image detection method
Minimum display amount
Measurement accuracy
Driving speed
Sumusutereo microscopeTotal magnification10x (φ23mm)〜
Working distance
Work observation
Height possible
Measurement range
Measurement accuracy
Machine nameMeasurement range(mm)Best measurement capability(mm)
Digimatic caliper vernier caliper2000.001
Dial calipers1500.02
Digimatic micrometer250.001
Digital Point micrometer
Caliper type inside micrometer
Digimatic indicator
Dial gauge test indicator
Pin gauge
Ceramic block gauge

Flow of inspection

The process and duration is depend on product, the number and the kind.
Feel free to contact us for details.