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Inquiry/Order form

Thank you very much for checking our HP. If you have any question and request, feel free to contact us.

  • Inquiry by telephone:tel.81-49-293-6903
  • Inquiry by fax:fax.81-49-293-6904

About sending drawings by fax

●A3 in size is available by fax
●If you have too large or small drawings, send us by mail or courier service.
■If you can use the following image formats, send us by email.

About sending drawings by email

●The size of the attached file should be less than 500KB.
  Compressed file form in LHA form (.lzh), or ZIP form (.zip) are available.
  In the case of Macintosh, please use "MacLHA". In addition, do not use the self extracting form (..exe).
■Send us clear drawings with bigger font size.
■ If you send us email without contact information or unclear content, we may delete.

Send us inquiry request / question by email form as follows. By telephone also available. ● (*) must be filled in. We may call you during our business hours.(weekdays from 9:00 to 19:00)
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